Vitality Cycles – English Online

They are complete cycles designed for you to explore the vital energy of your body integrating body, mind and spirit. Including your sexuality!

One Vitality Cycleto unlock each chakra and awaken your full potential!

Each CYCLE consists of a 5-session process, where you will learn a different body vitality technique:

  • Tantra Body Techniques Exercises
  • Bioenergetic techniques for emotional release
  • Active meditations
  • Ancient tantric meditations
  • Self-massage techniques for each chakra

These techniques encompass the entirety of Being, reaching both physical and psychic as well as spiritual levels. You will release emotions in a containing way and awaken the dormant KUNDALINI Vital Energy within you. Mahamudra: A true Orgasm with the Universe!

A meticulously designed process by Romina Madrid, a renowned professional with an impeccable track record in the world of Tantra. Her approach, besides being transformative, is practical and efficient, designed for those who value their time and seek tangible results.

With these techniques, you will restore fluidity in your life and open the doors to a world of pleasure and fulfillment!

Choose the color and chakra with which you wish to start your journey towards wholeness from the comfort of your home!

Immerse yourself in a transformative experience through Tantra!


5 TECHNIQUES per CYCLE , the 7 Aspects of your being!

Exquisite benefits!

  • Increase pleasure in your lifestyle
  • Improve depth in relationships
  • Enhance the quality of sex
  • Restore youth to your skin and the sparkle in your eyes
  • Connection with others
  • Sensation of wholeness and gratitude
  • Boost your self-esteem


You will discover new levels of connection with your body, with your vitality, and with your sexuality… discover Tantra!



Possible Concerns for Vitality Cycles:

The work is focused on the vitality of the body through tantric exercises and meditations without crossing the limits of any kind and with mutual respect being the fundamental value. Queries can be for example:

* How can I improve the vitality of my body, regain the desire to do things, to paint, my creativity, etc …

* I have no desire for anything and I would like to get it back.

* I would like to learn to meditate but I don’t know how to start.

* I want to regain enjoyment for life.

* how I can improve my sex life with my partner.

* I had a situation of sexual abuse and I want to learn how to heal it.

* I want to have a child and I would like to prepare myself for it.

* I am not being able to get pregnant and I feel like I have an internal block

* that I would like to clear up.

* I would like to connect with my femininity.

* I would like to connect with my virility and masculinity.

* I want to learn techniques to eroticize my partner and / or myself.

* what can I do to increase my self-esteem.

* I have a health problem and that is affecting my life, how can I accept it and feel good spiritually with it.

* I have money problems and would like to bring abundance into my life.

* I am far from myself, I do not find meaning in anything and I would like to find myself.

* I have conflicts with certain family members and I would like to know how I can heal them.

* how can I attract a partner into my life.

* I suffer from some sexual “dysfunction” and I would like to know what tools tantra can give me to help me heal it.

* I have a lot of anger / hatred and I would like to recover the lost love.

* I need to do a therapy that is less intellectual and more corporal.

* I feel confused about my sexual orientation and I need guidance to find my identity.

* I do not encourage myself to come out of the closet.

* I feel that I am transgender but I am not sure or do not dare to express it.